February & Flower Sprouts

I've been cooking a lot of Flower Sprouts lately. They're bloody delicious. For those who have yet to try, they are essentially a cross between Brussels Sprouts and Kale. They're small, purple-y - green, sweet and slightly nutty. And so, so tasty. 

It was an English seed company who developed them, in an attempt to make Brussels Sprouts more palatable whilst also tapping in to the huge following that the humble Kale plant boasts. Their popularity has grown fast, so fast that they have now been branded as "Kalettes", and even have their very own website, kalettes.co.uk.  (I refuse to refer to them as Kalettes, Flower Sprouts they are and Flower Sprouts they will be)

They also have oodles of nutritional benefits, but i'm not going to get in to that here. I studied a small bit of nutrition in college and got so hung up on what vitamins are in what veg, and exactly how much I need to eat of a particular veg to get the optimum nutrients from it etc. It was almost exhausting. I find it much easier to trust my instincts. With veg I just eat varied, eat seasonal and eat lots of it. 

Now back to the important part, eating them! I've been telling people to just steam lightly (2 mins), drizzle with some good oil, salt and pepper. Simple and delicious. But on cold days when i'm looking for a bit more comfort from my food, I get an oven proof pan and stick it on a low flame. Add a large glug of olive oil, crush and roughly chop 4-5 cloves of garlic (i LOVE garlic) and put in the pan with the oil. Allow to sizzle away for a few minutes without turning brown, then pack the pan full of Flower Sprouts. (I leave them whole, but you can trim the bottom and half them also). Make sure to really pack them in, and stick a lid on. Leave for a few minutes then sprinkle some sea-salt on top (just a pinch), and crumble some cheese over (I usually use Corleggy Goats Cheese or some good quality Feta, but whatever tickles your fancy). Eat as is, or if you're looking for more of a snack, transfer your pan to a pre-heated oven (160 C) for 10-15 minutes. Take out of oven and devour. Crispy happiness. 

Have a recipe? Do share!