Summer & Showers

Hello hello!

Almost a month and a half since the last post. Much is happening but i'm always afraid of sounding too repetitive. 

It's really all go here - if the weather could just stay consistent for a wee while we would be flying. You have probably heard all of this already, but the inconsistency of the weather and forecasts is playing havoc with everything. We are a couple of months behind on the outdoor crops, using the sparce good weather to get the ground ready and planted with all the brassicas, potatoes etc. The changeability of it all means we are only getting the plants out bit by bit. The kales, cauli, broccoli etc are literally bursting to get out of the modules and in to the ground. Planning anything is almost impossible, all decisions for when to prep ground/plant are being made a couple of hours in advance.

Thanks to the sun over the May bank holiday we have managed to get 3/4 of the spuds in to the ground, and are planting many salads in to the tunnels. Other tunnels are being prepared for tomatoes, and seeds are being sown almost daily. The orchards are in full bloom, and there are teensy little gooseberries starting to appear on the bushes. Salads and spinach are jumping out of the ground, and herbs are all rearing their heads. 

Below are photos from the past few months to show you some progress!