Markets & Petitions

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First of all, huge thank you to all who have been going out of their way to get veg from us the last few weeks. 2018 hasn't been off to the best start with markets, between the snow, not being allowed to trade because of admin issues, events scheduled on market days and bereavements in the family. But sure look, we'll push on! 

Just gonna quickly (it might not be that quick) mention what has been going on in Temple bar Food Market. With the dissolution of Temple Bar Cultural Trust, TBFM is now being run by Dublin City Council. Therefore Meeting House Square has gone from being private property to a public site, which requires all traders to acquire a casual trading licence to trade (You may remember a few weeks ago we were prevented from trading due to a late application for this new license, which for the time being is only being issued monthly). The current bye-laws were introduced by Dublin City Council on March 4th 2013 and are now under review by public consultation.

Markets are such an integral part of our farm. It's where we started, where we learnt and where we grew. Having such a close connection to our customers, aswell as other stallholders is what has gotten us to the point we are at today. The success of our farm stems directly from markets, and its sad to see them being shifted in the wrong direction like this. 

The bye-laws are now being reviewed by public consultation and we have until March 29th to make a submission to amend the laws for the traders in the market. I won't go in to the finer details here, but if you have a chance please do follow the link below to read about the laws that will affect the traders at Temple Bar Food Market, sign our petition, and if possible make a submission to the council. You will find the petition and all information on the new laws in the link below -

Thank you thank you thank you

We will be at all markets this weekend, and as usual our glorious farm shop will be open on Friday eve from 16.30 til 19.30.

S x

ps what a day today. Dare I say spring is arriving? Photo below is pup being less then helpful mulching rhubarb