Roots & Fruits

We are ready for Spring, so very ready for it. We are welcoming the lengthening of the days with open arms, and the slight rise in temperature (even though we were covered in snow last week!) is making us dream of summer. Working outdoors is much easier when you can move freely, and aren't weighed down in layers upon layers of jumpers and jackets.

At the moment sheds are being cleared and organised, fruit bushes are getting a much needed prune, tunnels are being rotavated and prepared for planting, many many seeds are being sown, rhubarb is being mulched with old coffee sacks (thanks to the ever wonderful Ariosa Coffee!), tunnels are being rotated, some new ones are going up and some old ones are coming down. 

This work will not be visible on the stall for another while yet. Although we are welcoming Spring, the salads and vegetables are not. We will start to have a little less salad, spinach, black kale etc, until we are in full Spring swing. Jerusalem Artichokes will be finishing up soon, and sadly the pumpkins did not store so well, so they have been put in the compost pile. Last year was an amazing potato and carrot year, so these should be with us for another while, as will our mega beets, parsnips and swedes. So keep eating them roots! 

For anyone living out North County Dublin way - don't forget our Farm Shop is open every Friday from 16.30 - 19.30. Just stick McNally Family Farm in to Google Maps and it will bring you right to us. Otherwise we are at our usual 3 markets - Leopardstown Racecourse on Fridays 10am-2pm, Temple Bar on Saturdays 9am-4pm (unless they try to kick us out again... ) and DunLaoghaire in the Peoples Park on Sundays 10am-4pm. 

S x