Storms & Spring

Our farm is based atop a hill. A lovely hill, with views of the sea and the Mourne Mountains on a clear day. A lovely, windy hill. Doris really took us by surprise. 

We are used to wind, we are used to losing plastic that covers some of the tunnels, and over the years we have learnt new ways of protecting the tunnels - whether it be parking the tractor in front of one of the weaker tunnels on the eve of a storm, or tying the outside of the plastic down with weights and rope. We knew Doris was coming, but not in the strength she came in. 140km/h winds swept down the hill, taking many trees with it. The tunnels got a severe beating. One (albeit it was already a weak one) was lifted off the ground and thrown into the tunnel beside it, ripping its plastic off. Another got its bars bent so out of proportion that it's an entire new shape, and our propagating tunnel was ripped apart, exposing the seedlings to the elements (namely the tomatoes, but Jenny managed an emergency evacuation of these guys, only losing one tray, hurrah). 

A lovely, windy hill. 

It's Spring tomorrow. Onwards and upwards!

S x

ps. It's Jenny Pennys Birthday today, 30 years old plus VAT as she likes to tell people. Eating lots of delicious food in celebration. There is a Broughgammon Goat Shakshuka bubbling away downstairs, made with chopped tomatoes we froze from last summers bounty (breaking out the good stuff!). Served with some eggs and some Purple Sprouting Broccoli (anyone wondering what's at its best at the moment, stock up on the PSB!!). Cake to follow, but that one is still a surprise, so we'll post it up later...