January & Eggs.

January, like for many of you, is a time of new habits, resolutions, making plans and sorting out projects. That's basically what we are doing during the month of January - planning this years crops, ordering seeds, mapping areas to work on, trawling through seed catalogues to find new and wonderful things to grow, planning new projects (don't hold me to it, but we may have mushrooms in 2016) and putting up new tunnels. As well as trying to suss out our food smoker (smoked eggs are quite interesting..), copious amounts of baking, preserving and recipe testing.  It's a nice way to start the year - slow n' steady so to speak! 

And of course, we're eating eggs. Many, many eggs.  I know many people say it all the time, but eggs really are the most versatile of ingredients. We've had quite an influx of eggs in the past few weeks - due to the Christmas break and our young hens beginning to lay, so we've been thinking of multiple ways to use up whole eggs (There's only so many eggs one can eat for breakfast..). Among the usual, we've been having Kale-Egg Fried Rice, Frittatas, Baked Eggs (with plenty of Corleggy Cheese), French Toast, Huevos Rancheros, Quiche, Cakes (and everything else associated with cakes!), Meringues & Shakshuka. Our favourite sweet egg treat at the moment, and newest addition to our preserves, is Lemon Curd with Orchard Apples. Currently smothering a scone with it as I type. This curd thankfully requires the whole egg, and not just the yolk - an added bonus! It is a recipe I picked up from River Cottage when on placement there, if you're looking to give it a shot find it in the RC Preserves Handbook, or else online.